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Start your SEO: What is LOCAL SEO PH?

A website gives you the opportunity to focus on your intended market, instead of doing a global shotgun approach, there needs to be focus on what converts. This is where Local SEO comes in trying to rank in your local area and get real buyers and people talking about you and your business. Increase your visibility in your main market, your local market and community.


Local SEO explained in detail

Start with the basics. Open a Google My Business Listing

This is one way to optimize your local listings for local search, the added bonus is that it validates your business as a legit business on the map. Optimization doesn't stop there.. there are little optimization techniques that drive traffic to your business.

Add Photos, Services and products with complete description so people see and read about the services you offer, think of it as a calling card on the web.

Reviews is a good way to get validation for your business, and it helps you grow a loyal fan base in the community that will keep coming for repeat business. The behavior of the community plus the reviews shows people the real value of your business in the community and can help you grow your market via word of mouth. These behavioral signals can help you establish as a business on top of your niche. 

Of course, you can pick the articles of your liking first, as the whole list might be a lot to digest. But if you are serious about optimizing for your local audience, do try to read all of them. They'll help you improve every aspect of local SEO.

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What is Local Search and 

how you can take advantage

Optimize for a local audience, make it accessible for your local community. The word-of-mouth marketing is powerful tool you can harness using local SEO and making the community build a bigger and stronger brand for you.

Combining your social media strategy and your optimized listings, you come out on top as business and in search. The combined strategy will help you shape how people see and how you want them to engage with you as a business.

The citations you get, mentions, links and other social factors all add to validate your map presence and the reviews build a solid foundation for growth online.

Get your business found! Let us get you on the map and more visible to your community! 

Does it Matter if you are in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacalod or Davao?

What matters is that you have your business pinned on a map offering products and services to your local community, engaging with them and connecting to them and building a relationship with your community. Build your brand accross all the relevant social networks and centralize your voice and customer support.

Google My Business Profile -> Your Website

In 2020, Moz ran its annual "Local Search Ranking Factors Study" And they found that the #1 ranking factor for ranking in the map pack was your Google My Business Profile. So it is best to get started without delay. Your business details need to be consistent across all social and citation channels.

What makes the Profile rank on GMB? 

There are technical requirements and these include adding the right Business address and contact details that are consistent across all social channels, Add reviews or testominials of what a wonderful shop you are and what are the best ways to get the best out of your store. 

Add Schema or markup to tell google and the search engines the important details of your business and what matters. Connect to local listings or citations and understand how your customers look for your product and what is the best way to serve your services.

What are the Benefits of Local SEO?

You get found, and when people find you, they are happy to fulfill a need by purchasing your product, service or goods. It's a win-win situation. Proximity matters to the buyer and the convenience and access to the product plays a big role... but people need to know you exist for them to patronize you and your business.

If you aren't listed they have no way of reaching you, they need to know you exist and that you ready to service their needs and willing to go that extra mile to make the customers happy! 

Local SEO puts SME at par with being found online and directly answering the Customers Needs.

Small Businesses need not worry about competing with the bigger players, the bigger players cant get close to the community because they are mainly located at commercial zones or establishements. While on the other hand, your local barber shop or bakeshop is just walking distance from you. Everyone needs a Google My Bussiness account, everyone should invest in Local SEO to become more relevant to their community.

GMB is a solid base for your Digital Footprint.

Increasing your reach and connecting them and making them work as one centralized voice will help your business in the longterm. You can get your message out faster and quicker than anyone can if you control your audience. If you dont speak up for yourself, someone will definitely speak up for you, that is why it is best to control your voice and the messages your broadcast for your business.

Put your business on the Map 


This is defined as making a person famous or well known, now more than ever, there are millions of businesses that are online and are fighting for eyeballs to push their brand and products online. Putting yourself literally on the Map is a step to getting found. Add you listing to a directory is equivalent of screaming out "I'm here and I'm ready to sell my goods"

Connect with other Local Businesses


Community is key and growing your business with other related or business in the neighborhood helps build trust among neighbors. Create useful local content that your audience an relate to and find uselfull. 

Grow your business locally, engage and earn. 

When you have a local business, networking is key to grow, engaging with them and building a solid relationship is longterm strategy that will help any business build up leads and customers. Growing your loyal base of customers and making them happy customers is path to earnings for your business. 


Many small businesses fail to grow their business because they're not getting found by their target audience.

Google Map Rankings and Visibility

Establishing a real business with real contact details, products and services helps you rank on google maps. Each listing is verified by google and it is up to you how you present your business by giving offers, showing photos, videos and more. Every business is given a chance to showcase their goods so it is best to optimize this venue to show your products, services to your local community and to the world. 

Local search engine optimization is instrumental to your local marketing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business. The methods you should be using are determined by the needs of your business, your location, and your target audience. We will help you understand how to adapt your methods to use what your business needs in order to be the most successful.

The SEO of business growth can be summed up in exactly two words: Local SEO . There are a variety of factors that make SEO critical for local businesses, including local search volume, local competition, and long-tail keywords. But in the end, it’s the local SEO that matters most.

SEO and marketing go hand-in-hand. While in the past, SEO was the option of last resort, now search engine marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers, especially since you can choose a variety of search engines to target, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. SEO is also great because it’s a long-term strategy.

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Why is Local Seo Important?

Local SEO is not just for small businesses, every business should have a local SEO strategy. It is not only about getting more leads and sales from local customers. Local SEO can also help you rank higher for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are often overlooked for the high competitive keywords.

Benefits of Local Seo

What are the Benefits of local SEO? Local SEO is a complex topic, because the variables involved in SEO are different for every region of the world. The basics, however, remain the same: high ranking for a local business means better performance. While there are many factors involved in local SEO, the ultimate goal is to increase the local online visibility of a business.

Local SEO Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking in a Google search is important to local SEO for several reasons. It is the main ranking factor. Maintaining high rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google, Yahoo, and Bing is crucial to ensure that local businesses are found by users searching for the services, products, and information they offer.

Hire the best local seo 

SEO is a means to drive traffic to your website. It is the process of using search engine's algorithms to increase traffic to your website in a cost-efficient manner. The most important thing to remember is that you must always focus on quality and visibility of your website in the search engines.

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